TasOS 12.07 (serval) release

we are happy to announce the release of TasOS 12.07 build off ubuntu 12.04 LTS,
the build was delayed for almost a month but we have packed up right kind of application for the users.
Latest version of TasOS 12.07 with codename “Serval” is released and out for download
TasOS 12.07 has gnome-shell as the default desktop and we have integrated cinnamon and unity as well for fit the taste of very users
clementine as default music player,latest firefox install and update with security updates.
List of application integrated

  • Gnome-shell
  • cinnamon
  • unity
  • vlc player
  • firefox
  • avidemux
  • gimp
  • inkscape
  • bluefish editor
  • ubuntu tweak
  • wine
  • xchm
  • clementine
  • pidgin
  • jedit
  • latest version of Libre office
  • and many moreā€¦

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